The Whiskey Bible 2015

Whiskey Bible


One of the little gifts that I got for Christmas that was most intriguing was a copy of Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible (2015 Edition).  This 383 page book reviews over 4,700 different whiskeys  with tasting notes for just about each one- on Nose, Taste, Finish, and Balance. Each is given a score out of 25 points to come up with a final grade out of 100.

It is clear Mr. Murray spends a lot of time and effort on this project.  Including a very detailed (and maybe a little over the top) 18 step plan and explanation of how he tastes Whiskey.  There is also a detailed grading scale along with helpful abbreviations- some standard Whiskey lingo and others more shorthand for his writing.

Obviously, the most important part are the ratings! Sorted by type and then by producer.  There are a lot!  Mr. Murray like all of us, has a unique pallet.  I think, again like the rest of us, has his favorites and they come across in his ratings.

My final opinion is up in the air.  For instance he reviewed Glenmorangie Companta he scores a 74 (Usually drinkable- don’t expect the earth to move).  Which I very much agree with.  I love Glenmorangie- but thought Companta was a total miss.  On the other hand- he scores The Macallan 18 Year Old an 87 (very good to excellent Whiskey- Worth Buying).  Which sounds like a solid score- but I believe it is low considering there are three ranking levels higher.

All in all- I think it is a good resource.  It is full of information and opinions that you may or may not agree with.  Ratings like these may be helpful in guiding you into a glass you may enjoy or may keep you away from one you might not.

Whiskey is subjective.  You should like what you like no matter what anyone else thinks of it!


Tis The Season- Share A Dram!

2014-12-06 19.54.45


One of the best parts about drinking Whiskey- in my opinion- is sharing the experience! Having a conversation about the different taste and finish that someone experiences while having a sip of Scotch or the different smells form a glass of Bourbon.  It is not always that simple.  There is not always someone right next to you to talk about your beverage- but with the increase in Social Media groups dedicated to sharing notes or trading bottles- it is becoming easier to have a “friend” to talk to about

Personally, I don’t have the largest collection of Whiskey- but there are some bottles that I have that others may not have been able to get their hands on for one reason or another. There have also been a few folks who really helped me out- answering a million e-mails and questions when I first started drinking and collecting different bottles. So I decided to share a little holiday spirit with them and send a few drams of Whiskey that they didn’t have in their own collections.

I sorta got the idea from MasterOfMalt who has for as long as any of us can remember been selling single drams of Whisky- the idea is brilliant.  Why spend $150 on a bottle that you have no idea about when you can spend $10 on a sample to try it out (the only real hurdle is shipping prices are pretty steep).  Save money, enjoy whisky, rinse, lather, repeat….

Everyone got their packages and is starting to enjoy their drams. I am looking forward to getting some of their tasting notes and reviews!  One of them has a blog- and I expect that Sku will be reviewing some of them in the near future- check out Sku’s Recent Eats to see what he thinks about the Johnnie Walker Explores Club Collection along with a few others.

I am a big believer of my new #HaveADramShareADram idea!



50 BOTTLES!!!!



Last night, My Whiskey Collection hit a milestone.  I now have a collection of:

50 Bottles of Whiskey 

Some are excellent and some are good.  But, I am proud of the collection and look forward to growing it even more as I find more.  I would love to have a Pappy Van Winkle, a George T. Stagg, a Black Maple Hill, and some of the longer aged Eagle Rare, Elijah Craig or Jefferson’s Presidential.

Looking forward to the next 50!

Cigar Fest 2014- Here.I.Come!

2014-04-01 20.27.04 (Medium)


What a Grand Day!  I received my my 2014 Cigar Fest gear and ticket!  This will be my first Cigar Fest, but I hope that it goes so well that it will not be my last.

There will be music, fellowship, a down home style BBQ and most importantly- a TON of Cigars.  I purchased the CigarNUT Ticket, with the CigarFest T-Shirt and Hat.  Those three things along bags me 104 Cigars from some of the best in the business.

I am looking forward to sharing this experience with some friends, meeting new folks (AJ Fernandez and Jon Drew- I am looking at you!), and reporting all about it!

1 Month To GO!

My Whiskey Collection

2014-01-11 22.56.50

I thought it would be fun to keep a running list of all the bottles I have in my Whiskey Collection.  So, I did!  Above, along with my rating systems and such you will find a link to “My Whiskey Collection”.  I will keep it as updated as I can!


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on what is there and more importantly- what is missing and why.


Whiskey Tasting!!

Last night my brother in law hosted a Whiskey Tasting evening for a handful of family and friends.  All told, there were 7 of us partaking in the evening.  Each of us love our Whiskey, some of us have really nice collections, and each of us loves sharing with others.

There are a million different ways to hold a tasting-  focus on a specific Whiskey (ie Single Malts, Bourbons, etc.), pair it with certain foods, or just get together and have a good time. We all decided to go with that latter.  The only theme for our evening was trying things that you might not be able to find at a bar, often, or something that might not be in someone’s price range.

We tasted Bourbon (Few & Pappy Van Winkle 15 Year Old), Rye Whiskey (Few & Whistle Pig 11 Year Old) and Scotch Whiskey (Johnnie Walker Blue & Glenmorangie Signet).

After we tasted, we all enjoyed a glass or two of things that we enjoyed some not on the tasting menu-  Johnnie Walker Explorer’s Club Collection Gold Route Scotch, Four Roses Single Barrel, The Macallan 25, Glenmorangie Companta, and I am sure that I am missing some.

Needless to say- everyone had a great night of drinking excellent Whiskey and even better company!


Whiskey Terms

Full whiskey bottle isolated on white background

My buddy Sku put together a list of terms that we often see on Whiskey bottles or hear when we are taking to one and other with some really thought out definitions and guidance.  Go Check It Out-  Whats In A Label- Undefined Whiskey Terms 

I think it is very important that we understand what we are buying AND what we are drinking.  Everyone reading a Whiskey Blog is obviously making an effort to learn more about the beverage- so we should be educated consumers

Knob Creek- Rye

Knob Creek Rye


RATING: C: AVERAGE- Hey pal, thanks for buying my a glass of Whiskey- next time let me pick it out myself.

Overview:  There is nothing wrong with Knob Creek.  I prefer it to most of the the Whiskey that you can get at the bar.  There is nothing overly special about this Rye Whiskey.  It tastes fine, but for me- I want more than that in Whiskey, Rye or otherwise.  

There is very little Rye taste in this and it taster “regular”.  Not a bad drink, just not one that I would want to rush off and buy.

Nose: Very light.  Some hints of floral and oak.

Palate:  Moderate taste with little complexity.  A touch of actual Rye taste.

Finish: Nothing all that special or lasting.


Age: N/A                                                                    ABV: 50%

Type: American                                                        Subtype: Bourbon 

Price Point: $38 (Dec 2013)                                    Availability: Widely               

English- Natural by Drew Estate

English- Natural by Drew Estate

TOTAL RATING- 96 PREMIUM this is a cigar that you want to own and own a lot of!

Overview-  I discovered this little gem of a Cigar from a sampler pack that I purchased from Cigar’s International. I have liked every Drew Estate stick that I have ever smoked and after a little bit of research, this whole line of Naturals by Drew Estate really seemed like a bunch that I would like.

I was, of course, right!  The whole line is a good one and you will be seeing many reviews, but the ENGLISH is by far and away my favorite one.  It is smooth, sweet, leaves an amazing aroma.  There are major hints of vanilla which I love.

I have always believed in the Rule of Thirds in Cigars where the money is in the middle of the stick, but with all honesty I say this Cigar started out STONG and finished just as good. It is a staple of my Humidor and will always be.

Brand: Natural by Drew Estate

Model: English

Length: 52 (Toro)

Ring Gauge: 6.0

Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Sumatra

Cost: $8.00 (single stick)  ($35/5 pack and $148/box)

Acquired From: Sampler Pack from Cigars International 


Burn: 96

Consistency: 96

Draw: 96

Appearance: 95

Taste: 96

Construction: 96